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  • What is Air Switch™?

    Air Switch™ is an innovative wireless lighting automation system that is also a standalone system. It is ideal for real estate developers, designers and architects — professionals who value the convergence of technology, comfort, convenience and contemporary design.

    Why is it called Air Switch™?

    Air Switch™ is the brand name of a switch product that controls lighting via RFID (radio frequency identification) or radio waves. It affords freedom, similar to that of the air, hence the name Air Switch™.

    Is Air Switch™ difficult to install?

    Air Switch™ is a standalone system that is easy to install, without cumbersome electrical modifications; all you need is a (+) terminal and a (-) terminal for it to work.

    How is Air Switch™ different from general light switches?

    • Air Switch™ is an electronic switch, without the regular switch mechanism.
    • Air Switch™ is a smart switch with computerized controls at the circuits; it is the only one of its kind.
    • The dimmer can truly reduce lighting levels and energy usage.

    What sort of light bulbs are compatible with Air Switch™?

    Air Switch™ can be used with all types of bulbs; one switch set can handle up to 400 watts.

    Can Air Switch™ be used to adjust all types of light bulbs?

    Yes. But to be able to adjust the brightness, the light bulb must be a dimmable bulb only.

    What types of dimmable bulbs are there?

    • Dimmable HCFL bulbs
    • Dimmable CCFL bulbs
    • Dimmable LED bulbs
    • Incandescent light bulbs and hydrogen bulbs

    What is the allowable distance between the remote and Air Switch™?

    About 30 metres; like radio waves, the clarity of the signal depends on whether or not there is interference nearby.

    Can a neighbour control my lighting?

    Each set of Air Switch™ equipment must be paired with the remote, using a 16 million unit code, before it can be controlled wirelessly. It is virtually impossible for a neighbour to be able to control your lighting.

    Where can I buy Air Switch™?

    For organisations, please contact us directly. For all other customers, please contact one of our distributors.

    What is the warranty for Air Switch™?

    Warranty 1 year

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