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Air Switch™

A wireless lighting control system that’s very easy to install and use

Affords convenience and comfort
With a remote control that’s easy to use, you can easily control external and internal lighting with the touch of a button.
Saves money
Save on installation cost and time, without the need for rewiring, adjusting your existing electrical system or installing additional equipment.
Reduces energy use
Decrease electricity usage when you lower your lighting requirements, a unique feature of the system. Real energy saving!
Scales up easily
The system is easily scaled up, without limitations, via simple processes.
Enhances safety
Stable lighting is provided during usage. High quality and flame-retardant materials ensure safety for everyone in the family.
Creates ambience
Using a memory function for various lighting levels, you can create different ambiance, depending on your mood.
Free from WI-FI
The system works without reliance on wi-fi, with a control radius of up to 30 metres.
Adds value
A new innovation that elevates lighting controls, the system adds value to your home or room.
Guaranteed for quality
Quality is guaranteed for 1 year.